COVID-19 Reopen Notes - Read More about our enhanced safety procedures.

EyeWorld Optometry


Our Clinic is Now Open at Reduced Hours.

EyeWorld Optometry clinic is now seeing patients at reduced hours and volumes. Your safety is our priority. We have implemented guidelines and measures to reduce risk and maintain a safe environment. Please note that our office door remains locked during office hours and all visits are by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

The health of you and your family is our top priority, which is why we have implemented a new examination process with enhanced safety procedures. You can trust us to provide you with comprehensive eye care and peace of mind in a safe clinic environment. Doctors and staff will now wear face masks and other personal protective equipment, in addition to adopting rigorous disinfection procedures. All our processes go above the standards set by local health authorities and depend on minimizing the time patients spend in our clinics.  All our staff have been thoroughly trained and are intent on providing the safest and best of patient care.

*** We are doing our best to serve as many patients as possible, in a way that is safe for patients and staff.  We want to keep our doors open, but the pandemic, combined with a chronic lack of funding for eye care by the government, has had a devastating impact on our practice.  Since we can only safely see a small number of patients everyday, we have to give priority to patients who need comprehensive eye exams and who opt for safer, lower-contact diagnostic procedures.   

You can help save eye care in Ontario by visiting and signing your name - a website that is calling on the Ontario government to better fund eye care!

Pre-appointment call

  • Please call ahead to book your appointment to help us monitor the number of people in our clinics.
  • Leading up to your appointment we will try to conduct a pre-appointment call by phone to review your case history.
  • The staff member on the call is trained in privacy and the information collected will only be shared with your doctor in your official patient file. This is the same type of information you would fill in on forms at your family physician or dentist’s office.

Checking in and welcome

  • All staff will be wearing masks, and you will be asked to bring and wear one as well. 
  • We will also be asking you to sanitize your hands.
  • When checking in you will be asked how you are feeling. If you feel ill, have any symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough or fever, or have travelled outside of Canada in the past 2 weeks, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.
  • We will keep track of and minimize the number of patients in the clinic at any given time.
  • There will be fewer waiting room chairs, spaced out to encourage physical distancing.


  • All of our pre-test and exam rooms and equipment will be personally sanitized for each patient.
  • If you notice the conversation with your doctor is happening at a distance, please do not take it personally, as it is just an added precaution.
  • Lower-contact procedure: The latest technology at EyeWorld Optometry allows safe and accurate lower-contact diagnostic procedures.

Shopping for new glasses

  • Our opticians will help you select a few pairs of frames to try on, which will be placed in a tray to be passed back and forth between you.
  • All of our frames have been disinfected and will be disinfected after each use using the latest technology.
  • We can ship your glasses or contacts to your home.
  • Contact less measurement: Our latest equipment enables safe and accurate contact-less measurements.


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